Be The Best You Can Be

Based in South Manchester, Manchester Cycling Academy is the only dedicated sixth form cycling college in the north of England and is THE place to combine your academic studies with being a full-time cyclist.

Our evidence based, academic approach is combined with many years of top level experience and we will assist you to develop to be the best rider you can possibly be.

Manchester Cycling Academy is a partnership between Trafford College, one of the regions highest performing Sixth Form Colleges, and a group of elite coaches.

We Have an Unrivalled Support Team
Image by tomekwalecki from Pixabay

Register with us today and study a BTEC in Cycling Performance and development and be a full-time cyclist.

We have assembled an unrivalled coaching and support team that would not look out of place in a world tour professional cycling team. Being based in Manchester allows us to pull on a wealth of nearby contacts meaning that you will get the very best tuition, coaching and support available every day, allowing you to be the best you can be.

Be with Your Team Mates Every Day
Image by tomekwalecki from Pixabay

In addition to your time on the bike, you will take part in tutorials from world-class strength and conditioning experts, nutritionists and psychologists who will all help you to become the best rider that you can be.

You will be with your team-mates every day, in exactly the same way as professional teams do. This will allow you to grow and develop together in a supportive environment and be able to take what you have learned back to your established team where you will be able to perform to a higher level


Your academic studies will run alongside your training programme and will feature anatomy and physiology, principles of learning and development and you will begin to learn how to analyse yours and others performances via analytical software and how to apply this to your cycling.

Be a Full Time Cyclist and Continue Your Academic Studies

We will work in partnership with your existing team and cycling club to enhance your riding skills and knowledge so that you can take them back to your established club or team. We will compete together as a team against other colleges and Universities, but we will not require you to give up your first choice club.