No 1 Spinningfields Bike Servicing November 11th

Book your FREE Bike Service courtesy of Trek Wilmslow, Manchester Cycling Academy, Cycling UK and the Big Bike Revival

Your bike will get a FREE basic service which includes:

  • A check of the front and rear brakes
  • A thorough checking of the front and rear derailleur and drivetrain and indexing of gears
  • Both tyres checked and inflated to correct pressures
  • All moving parts oiled and lubricated


Simply use the form below to book and we will contact you to arrange collecting your bike from you so that we can work on it. We will have a temporary workshop in the walkway adjacent to No 1 Spinningfields Reception and M&S Food where bikes can be stored.

If any extra work is required we will contact you to discuss this before we continue with the work. A charge will be made if items are needed which are in addition to: brake blocks, cables and outer cables.

Our table of charges is HERE




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